Now available in the baking aisle in Woolworths, Vetta SMART Protein Flour naturally delivers twice the protein, twice the fibre and 25% less carbs vs. regular flour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the higher protein content come from?

The higher protein content comes from the addition of wheat gluten to the flour. Gluten is a naturally occurring protein that we have used to boost the protein content of Vetta SMART Flour.

Can I replace my regular flour with Vetta SMART Protein flour in the same proportions?

The short answer is yes.

The longer-ish answer is yes AND we would recommend looking for recipes that have a liquid content or try adding a little extra to your recipes! The reason for this, is that the higher fibre content of the flour means it soaks up liquids quick stat! We recommend:

  • For bread making, always err on the upper end of the water addition.
  • For baking, we would include some milk, nut milks, yoghurt, or sour cream.
  • Note, adding more oil/fat or egg will not necessarily help, as the fibre will not absorb it.

Does Vetta SMART Protein flour taste different to regular flour? / Does it change the taste of baked goods.

Both baked and in batter, it is very similar in flavour to regular flour, maybe a little nuttier, but it is very mild!

Does Vetta SMART Protein Flour require a longer baking time?

No, the baking time should remain the same. However, we would recommend for the last quarter or so of the baking time, covering your baked goods in aluminium foil while in the oven. The reason for this is the browning (called the maillard reaction) of your baked goods happens due to the sugars and amino acids (protein building blocks) in the batter, so because this flour is higher in protein it may cause it to brown quicker. So best to cover any sweet treat for the last little part!

Can I use Vetta SMART Protein flour to bake a cake?

Yes! Just remember to include a little additional liquid eg: milk, yoghurt, sour cream or even water itself to your batter before cooking so the consistency of the batter is still wet! The fibre will quickly soak up a lot of your water content in the batter so without the extra liquid, it risks becoming dry in the oven.

Do baked goods made with Vetta SMART Protein flour store for as long as baked goods made with regular flour?

All baked goods are best eaten on the day of baking; however, you can store your goodies in an airtight container up to 2 days before they start to become dry and a little less tasty.